Like other elimination organs (kidney, liver, colon), the vagina is very efficient at cleaning itself and eliminating waste. However, it can only accomplish this task when its at optimum health. The vagina like any other organ can fall victim to various diseases and ailments such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, cyts, fibroids, infertility, endometriosis, and so much more. These unforeseen consequences are caused by lack of self-care and awareness, poor diet, soaps, stress, and even sex. Our Miracle pearl is designed to give you a natural alternative to tackle those issues as opposed to a chemical one.
What is the Miracle Pearl?
The Miracle Pearl, also known as the vaginal pearl/herbal tampon is a unique holistic herbal treatment for various uterine and vaginal ailments. It is made with medicinal plants that aid in womb healing.
1. Wash your hands thoroughly for about 30 seconds with anti-bacterial soap and warm water
2. (using gloves is optional) Use your finger and slowly unravel the string from the Miracle Pearl until the string is stretched to its maximum length.
3. (Applicator is Optional) Use your finger to insert the Miracle Pearl deep into the vagina, get as close to your cervix as possible. DO NOT try to push it into your cervix!
4. If you are using the applicator, remove the end of the applicator stick because you can't use it. Then simply insert the pearl through the top of the applicator ensuring the string comes out from the opposite end, while the head of the pearl sits on top of the applicator. Then insert into the vagina, as close to the cervix, and remove the applicator.
5. Ensure the tail end of the Miracle Pearl is sticking out from your vaginal opening (like a tampon) so you can easily remove it when needed.
6. Leave one Miracle Pearl in at a time for 48 hours, then remove. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the the other two pearls,  (1 pearl for 48 hours). Allow the vagina to expel toxins and waste, so we recommend wearing a pantyliner during your entire detox.
7. Remember this is a detox so the process lasts a total of 7-8 days (6 days for pearl detox and additional 1-2 days for toxin removal, so no sexual intercourse during this time.
Once the pearls are inserted deep into the vagina, the medicinal herbs are gradually absorbed into the body through the vaginal walls. These herbs begin to work their magic by absorbing any toxins in the womb (uterus) and vagina. As a result it causes shedding and removal of any elements that are detrimental to your health.
-Bear in mind you are detoxing your intimate area so expect to feel something. All women are different so they will experience symptoms differently.
-Some women will experience itchiness and dryness (mild-moderate) because toxins are being drawn and escaping through the vaginal canal causing irritation.
-Some women will experience cramping (mild-moderate) due to the uterine and vaginal lining pulling off and shedding. Women with fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis will experience more cramping than others.
-Some will experience odors (mild-foul) depending on their ailment. Do not panic the odor as well as the other symptoms will go away once the detox process ends.
-Some women don't experience any of the symptoms listed.
-If you are pregnant or nursing (breastfeeding)
-If you are a virgin (hymen intact)
-If you have an IUD because it can disrupt it (use at your own risk)
-If you are currently on your menstrual cycle
-If you are less than 10 days away from your menstrual cycle
-While taking anti-coagulants (blood thinners).
This is the extraction process. The white stuff that is coming out of you is a mixture of vaginal lining tissues, yeast, bacteria, waste...etc. The discharge will vary in color from white, yellow, pink, dark red, and reddish brown due to signs of infections and/or blood/blood clots. It is important you do not pick at it it will come out naturally on its own.
No worries, simply remove the pearl and allow your cycle to end and proceed with another pearl 3 days after your period ends. Do not re-use the same pearl you took out. It will not affect your menstrual cycle.